Cooling without Wind

Enjoy more comfortable cooling with Gentle Breeze mode. Up to 1,422 micro-holes create a soft laminar airflow. Avoid harsh, direct cold draft - and unlock superior refreshment.

Innovative Engineering

More than one thousand of perfectly placed 2-3mm micro-holes are arranged on S-Shape vanes, dispersing air more widely throughout the room.

Natural Style Cooling

The dandelion remains still with Gentle Breeze mode. Enjoy a more Gentle-style of Air Conditioner Breeze, just as nature intended.

Breeze Comfort For All

Gentle Breeze mode is innovated for all of you. Enjoy premium comfort which helps you work, rest, and play at home with superior experience.

Smart Control Anytime & Anywhere

Enjoy 24/7 control via the TCL Home App for smart devices. Remotely operate functions via App, or control via simple voice commands.

Effortless Clean by Hands

An intuitive cleaning design makes it simpler to take apart and reassemble. 4 Key components: Filter, vanes, plate, and flap easily disassemble and fit back together for manual cleaning.

Up to 60% Energy Saving

Save money and enjoy energy efficiency with Smart Inverter. With up to 60% energy saving, Smart Inverter helps reach the setting temperature more quickly, cooling the coils to 18℃ 30s, heating it up to 40℃ in 60s and keep temperature stable within ±1℃.

60℃ Cooling

Stay cool no matter what the outside temperature is. An air-cooled e-box ensures continuous cooling even at 60℃ ambient and 100% cooling capacity output at 50℃ ambient.

4-Step Air Purification

Oxidized ions are diffused into the air, colliding with bacteria and viruses. Enjoy peace of mind performance, clinically proven to inactivate protein structures, and counter airborne toxins.

UVC Sterilization Pro

Ultraviolet light offers superior performance in countering toxins. A certified purification procedure destroys the DNA/RNA of viruses and bacteria - delivering sterilized air, with no negative side effects.

Technical specifications

Rated Cooling Performance (T1)

Capacity Btu/h: 24000
Capacity W: 7033.997655
Rated power Input W2191.78082191781
Rated current A: 9.723961056
EERW/W 10.95
Rated Power Input (IEC/EN60335) W: 3193
Rated Current (IEC/EN60335) A: 14.2

Rated Cooling Performance (T3)

Capacity Btu/h: 20880
Capacity W: 6120
Rated power Input W: 2456.470588
Rated current A: 10.89827235
EERW/W: 8.5
Rated Power Input (IEC/EN60335) W: 3193.411765
Rated Current (IEC/EN60335) A: 14.16775406

Rated Heating Performance

Capacity Btu/h: 24100
Capacity W: 7063
Rated power Input W: 2173
Rated current A: 9.6
COPW/W: 11.1
Rated Power Input (IEC/EN60335) W: 2825
Rated Current (IEC/EN60335) A: 12.5


Type: Rotary

Indoor unit

Dimension(W*D*H)mm 1097x332x222
Packing (W*D*H)mm 1165x405x295
Net/Gross weight Kg 13.5/16.5

Outdoor unit

Dimension(W*D*H)mm 920×380×699
Packing (W*D*H)mm 960×430×732
Net/Gross weight Kg 47.5/55.5(with pipe)

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