KC Inverter AC

Faster Cooling and Heating

A high frequency compressor ensures more rapid comfort – air is delivered down to 18℃ within just 30 seconds, or up to 40℃ within just 60 seconds. Turn on, tailor your temperature, and enjoy quicker refreshment.

Extreme Performance in Extreme Climates

Innovative engineering ensures a premium, extreme weather build. Enjoy no cooling capacity decline in 50℃ temperatures, and non-stop performance in 60℃ temperatures. For an oasis of cool in the harshest of environments.


When encountering any irregularities, the air conditioner will feedback information on the display – for immediate diagnosis and simple upkeep.

Safety First Design

A safety-centric build, complete with fireproof control box provide long-term, peace of mind performance.

I Feel

iFeel mode enables environmental temperature to be taken directly via a sensor built into the remote. Relax in more comfort, with high precision in-room readings and air delivery.

AI Inverter Algorithm

Proprietary TCL technology reaches the set temperature more quickly, and energy efficiently. The wind is adjusted to ensure perfect performance at the set temperature. Enjoy aircon that’s quicker, more proactive, and energy efficient.

Eco Mode

Hit Eco Mode for a fixed, efficiency optimized 26℃ program. Designed to be kinder on the environment, saving on electricity bills, and maintaining a tight temperature range. Ideal for responsible, fuss-free background performance.

Sleep Mode

Once activated, Sleep Mode will run at lower capacity; maintaining a narrow temperature buffer. Temperature slowly fluctuates during long-term operation, for refreshment tailored to sleep duration – for energy efficient performance through the night.

Mute Mode

Hit Mute for a hushed, XX dB operation. Non-intrusive performance, lower than a standard laptop hum ensures you can concentrate on the important things.

Power Cut Auto Restart

TCL’s software ensures current air-con settings are memorized. In the event of sudden power loss, the aircon routine will resume as intended once power is re-established.

Ideal Humidity

According to research, the most desirable humidity level for humans is between 40-60%. Cooling winds target humidity near these levels – for healthier air moisture, better skin hydration, and easier breathing.

Smart Air Flow

An innovative air conditioning system ensures cool air is directed upwards, for a wide reaching, ‘shower-style’ refreshment. Warm air is blown downwards, to deliver a more immersive ‘blanket-style’ air flow. Air is distributed more evenly – avoiding hot and stuffy, or extreme cold distribution.

5 Speed Refreshment

Select from a 1-5 wind level intensity. Broader settings than standard competitors enables you to set a perfect, tightly-tailored air speed.

Control On-The-Go

Smart App connectivity enables pre-setting room temperature and on/off timers; for total control while on the move. Return home in superior comfort, or turn off remotely.

Filter-Cleaning Prompt

After running for a set period of time, the air conditioner will automatically remind users to clean. Follow simple maintenance to enjoy superior hygiene and air clarity.

Copper Tube

Air conditioning with copper tube is more durability and better cooling efficiency

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Type:  Heating pump
Control type:  Remote
Power supply (Ph-V-Hz): 1Ph-220-240V~50Hz
Voltage Range (V): 155~265


Capacity (Btu/h): 12000(2730~13300)
Capacity (W): 3520(800~3900)
Rated power Input (W): 1080(300~1600)
Rated current (A):4.9(1.0~7.5)
EER (W/W): 11.1111111111111
Max power Input (W): 1600
Max current (A):7.5


Capacity (Btu/h): 12280(3070~14330)
Capacity (W): 3600(900~4200)
Rated power Input (W): 1000(300~1700)
Rated current (A):4.6(1.0~10.0)
COP (W/W): 12
Max power Input (W): 1600
Max current (A):10
Annual energy consumption (kwh): 2580
Moisture removal (Liters/h): 1.3
Indoor noise level (dB(A)): 42
Outdoor noise level (dB(A)): 52


Model : ASN98D32UEZ
Type : Rotary
Brand : GMCC
Indoor air flow (Hi/Mi/Lo) (m3/h): 620

Indoor unit

Dimension(W*D*H) (mm): 811×292×203
Packing (W*D*H) (mm): 885×366×278
Net/Gross weight (Kg): 9/12

Outdoor unit

Dimension(W*D*H) (mm): 795×305×549
Packing (W*D*H) (mm): 835×340×585
Net/Gross weight (Kg): 24/28(with pipe)

Refrigerant piping

Liquid side/ Gas side (mm(inch)): φ6(1/4")/φ9(3/8")
Max. refrigerant pipe length (m): 15
Max. difference in level (m): 10

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